Genesis of Daemonwulf

Greetings Fiendlingsss...

It is my intention to load this site up with fiction, among other nonsense, for your general consumption and suffering pleassssssure...

However, this is going to take some doing...

The WulfPack have been rather unruly of late and quite obstinate when I request they meet their online responsibilities. *grrrrrrr* So as a result, it appears that the updating of this site will depend solely on me. And with all the bloodletting required to sustain wulven myself, making timely updates to the site is likely to be more difficult than I want to admit. *wulven sigh*

But, please stay tuned. And, at the moment, feel free to peruse the following pieces of 'fiction.' (At least that's what we call it... You can make your own judgements. *sly smile*)

This selection includes pieces from the Genesis of Daemonwulf and those created for Pen of the Damned.

Enjoy, if at all possible. *devious smile* And do share whatever thoughts come to mind, be they on the 'fiction', the site or anything else that may strike your dark fancy while you investigate the dark corners of our lair. *regal wulven bow in whatever direction you may live*

Genesis of Daemonwulf

Dark Horror for 'Pen of the Damned'

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