Daemonwulf is a puzzle.

Like most secretive beings and other wicked creatures of his ilk, he remains quite the elusive wulf.

We do know that he has been leaving pieces of himself scattered around the Internet like so many broken bones and discarded remains for several years.

More recently, he's found a more permanent home for his lair -- known commonly as the WulvesDen -- here at this site that you have stumbled upon. Here you can venture deeper into his psyche, getting an up-close and probably-too-personal glimpse into his sick and twisted mind. You can also find him contributing to the dread at Pen of the Damned, where angst and horror flows freely.

A strong stomach is recommended.

While news is sketchy, it's been reported that Daemonwulf's alter ego is a horror writer, supernatural aficionado and creative scoundrel who, when not collecting the souls of innocents while in his wulven incarnation, can be found slaving away during the daytime hours at a creative agency located somewhere on the western shores of Lake Michigan -- Chicago, to be exact.

Alleged to be struggling on the edge of insanity, claims are that Daemonwulf is trying his best to wrestle under control pervasive thoughts of evil dread, morbid curiosity, seething anger, daemonic visions and general disgust with his overall condition.

If his writing is any indication, all of what we may say about him may very well be true...



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